An Introduction to PNF

(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)


When: Saturday, September 18th, 2010

              10:AM to 1:00PM

Location: Sebastopol Physical Therapy and Pilates Center

                   (PT office of Patricia Martinez)

                   100 Pleasant Hill Ave N., Sebastopol

                   (on the corner of Bodega Ave/Hwy 12)

Cost: No Charge, suggested ($30-$50) donation to La Casa de los Niños  (see below)


Please RSVP, if you intend to participate, space is limited and your prompt response will help greatly in our planning. Please respond to:


PNF is a comprehensive approach to physical training and rehabilitation. As a treatment approach, it is introduced as part of the curriculum in virtually every Physical Therapy school worldwide. It was initially developed by Dr Herman Kabat during WWII and the polio epidemic era. PNF encompasses a humanistic, holistic philosophy with a set of fundamental principals and procedures that can be combined with nearly infinite variety to create techniques that help facilitate functional improvement at any level of performance. Most Physical Therapists have gleaned only a small fraction of the skill set of  the PNF approach and equate PNF primarily with “spiral-diagonal” extremity patterns of motion. In the fitness field PNF is known almost exclusively for its facilitated stretching techniques, a remarkably small set of the extensive tools and applications within the PNF approach.


This 3 hour introduction to PNF will be a survey of the range and wealth of skills that are an integral part of PNF. We will cover the history, philosophy, basic principles, procedures, and basic techniques integrated into this comprehensive system.


Procedures incorporating manual contacts, resistance, stretch, traction, approximation, visual and verbal cues and patterns of facilitation will be presented and experienced. The PNF patterns of facilitation for the trunk and extremities will be demonstrated and selected patterns practiced.


Variations in technique to facilitate a variety of specific results including increased mobility, awareness/proprioception, strength, stability and relaxation will be demonstrated and experienced by participants.


This class is intended as an introduction to a more comprehensive series of practical workshops that will cover the major aspects of PNF in  much greater detail. We have begun the application process for Continuing Competency hours to go toward the new PT License renewal requirement. If approved, participation in this class will count as 3 “Continuing Competency hours.”


Instructor: Eddie Rosen PT, is a Sonoma County therapist with 35 years of clinical and teaching experience. In 1978 He graduated from and subsequently was an instructor in the postgraduate PNF training program at Kaiser's Rehabilitation center, Vallejo (where PNF was developed) He has taught PNF in several Physical Therapy schools and short term postgraduate workshops in the US, Australia and Europe.

La Casa de los Niños  is an after-school enrichment program for the local residents in the small town of Lo de Marcos, Mexico. The program was started by Patricia and her husband David after the tragic death of their children and grand children. “Casa” provides much needed resources and support for the at-risk and under served children in this rural village.

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