SARATOGA CA, JUNE 5-6th,2009



An Introduction to Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation


PNF Patterns of Facilitation

Contract/Relax Hold /Relax


A powerful set of tools presented in

A short workshop format



Facilitate movement and enhance strength

Quickly and safely increase mobility

Increase stability and improve awareness



PNF is a comprehensive approach to physical training and rehabilitation, initially developed during the WWII and polio epidemic era. It encompasses a humanistic, holistic philosophy with a set of fundamental principals and procedures that can be combine d with nearly infinite variety to create techniques to help facilitate functional improvement at any level of performance. In the fitness field PNF is known mostly for its facilitated stretching techniques, a remarkably small set of the extensive tools and applications wi thin the PNF approach.


This practical, two day class will broaden your knowledge of PNF and give you tools to be more effective. It will focus on those aspects and techniques directly and immediately applicable for movement specialists (PT, OT, DC, fitness, Pilates, yoga and dance instructors).


Day one: A brief lecture will cover the development of PNF from historical and theoretical perspectives,. The basic principals of PNF (incorporating: manual contacts, resistance, stretch, traction, approximation, visual and verbal cues ) will be presented and experienced.The remainder of the day  the PNF patterns of facilitation for the trunk and extremities will be introduced and practiced.

Day two: Will begin with a brief review of the basic principals and introduction to Contract-Relax and Hold-Relax techniques. The remainder of the day will be practice of specific applications to a variety of body regions. Variations in technique will be taught to facilitate a variety of specific results including increased mobility, awareness/proprioception, strength, stability and relaxation.

Date and Location: Saturday-Sunday June 5-6th 2009, 9:00-5:30 with and hour break for lunch at the Perfect Trainer, 14584 Big Basin Wy (down in the village at 5th) #3, Saratoga, CA 95070.

Contact: Katie Senigaglia or 408-655-6955.
Cost:: $300,
  sliding scale or partial "scholarships" available as space allows. Class limited to 16 participants


Instructor Biography: Eddie Rosen is a 1976 graduate of the Curriculum in Physical Therapy at the University of California, San Francisco. In 1978 He graduated from and later taught in the postgraduate PNF training program at Kaiser's Rehabilitation center, Vallejo (where PNF was developed) He has taught PNF in several Physical Therapy schools and short term postgraduate workshops in the US, Australia and Europe. Throughout his 30+ years of practice, he has concentrated on developing and refining manual therapy, assessment and instructional skills.

"I'm not sure if I aspire more to be a craftsman or a teacher in my work with individuals, but I am continually fascinated by the complexity of the human body and the richness of human beings. I am enthralled both by the transformative power of touch and by our capacity as human beings to learn and improve."
- Eddie Rosen